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Our second weekend: Cambridge

As we are spending ten weeks in Norwich, learning CLIL and working and producing some materials for the education system in Catalonia, we are forced to stay away from home, family and friends during the weekends too. That could sound exciting but at the same time it can be hard to pass the time. The people at NILE are very concerned about this and have prepared a variety of amazing activities as a social program for us. We feel very thankful for that.

Last weekend we travelled to Cambridge on Saturday; the weather was absolutely awful, raining all day and colder than ice; however as brave explorers we took the train and faced the crowded streets and the wet market with optimism, taking into account that Cambridge is known for its colleges and bookshops. We started the tour visiting the chapel of King’s College. I liked it, that’s all, from my point of view, being myself illiterate on architectonics and on history and sharing the visit with Rosa M., I ‘m not risking to add anything else.

I cannot explain how the day was for my colleagues, but, as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t see a lot of Cambridge, because I went in ahead to a bookshop and I bought several books. Then I was so loaded that I went to the geological museum. Wonderful, amazing, marvelous, exciting! So many fossils, everything explained in such an understandable way, that huge dinosaur, the rocks, the activities for children and specially Darwin’s room. When I was in front of the real Darwin’s diary, the one, from the years he was collecting fossils and the Beagle’s journey, looking at all the stuff and devices he, Darwin himself, used, I felt teardrops in my eyes and I let them run.

What else could I say, I felt so happy! Darwin the man who changed the vision of life was almost whispering his secrets to me…

That was Cambridge to me. Of course I need to repeat, because I’m conscious that I missed other wonderful and interesting places, colleges and so on. But I was happy!

It’s not necessary to say that coming from all directions we met up at the museum the three crazy naturalists: Marcel, Isabel and me.

Picture, smile!

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